Confetti Blast

Confetti blasts are launched at the peak point of your evening. They can also be leveraged to enhance introductions for added excitement. The effects can be white and silver, multi colored, or custom colored!

Dance on Clouds

Create the most visually and stunning “Dancing on Clouds” simulation effect for your first dance or introduction. Our dry ice system is quiet, odorless and venue friendly. This visual effect will produce great photo moments, and surely leave a lasting impression.

LED Geysers

The latest craze offering blasts of colored haze creating a great focal point of your venue space further enhancing the visual effects of light shows. These will make a statement and WOW your guests!

Bubble / Snow Machines

The perfect element for entrances, romantic dances or themed events.

CO2 Cool Air Blast

Add excitement and the element of surprise to your event with our CO2 Cool Air Blaster. Take your celebration or special day to the next level, making it one you and your guests will never forget.

Spectacular Sparklers

One of the hottest new trends for special events is our exclusive Spectacular
Sparklers. This special effect is as amazing, as it is unique and will illuminate your
event space too. Truly amaze your guests and enjoy their reactions during each
fountain blast used for introductions, special dances or peak points of your
milestone celebration. This offering is safe and does not emit heat or smoke making
it venue friendly.